DescriptionAdvanced Poseidon Car Wash 500ml:  RRP: £5.99Advanced Poseidon Car Wash 1L:  RRP: £9.99Advanced Poseidon Car Wash 5L:  RRP: £27.00POWERFUL YET GENTLE CAR SHAMPOO THAT RINSES OFF EASILYLEAVES A HIGH GLOSS, WATER REPELLING FINISHIMPROVES DRYING TIMEPROLONG WAXES AND PAINT SEALANT LIFE BY ADDING A SACRIFICIAL, HIGH GLOSS COATINGWASH SPONGE OR HAND MITT WILL GLIDE OVER PAINT WORKAdvanced Poseidon Car Wash uses a special blend of anionic surfactants and polymers to remove dirt with ease whilst leaving a protective gloss enhancing  film behind when rinsed off. This sacrificial layer allows for a clean  finish whilst prolonging the protection of your wax or sealant.Directions:1. Dilute 30ml:5L of water in a bucket.2. Working from the top down, apply to a wet vehicle with a Car Wash Sponge  or wash mitt.3. Wash entire vehicle.4. Rinse off the vehicle, working from the top down.5. Dry the vehicle using a Drying Towel .Gregs thoughts:“Thank you for your interest in Advance Poseidon Car Wash. We are over the moon with this product’s performance having eliminated some of the drawbacks associated with traditional wash and wax products, like weak cleaning ability.  We have created a powerful but gentle car shampoo that’s designed to maintain your car wax or paint sealant, proving a glossy protective barrier. This is our finest and best car shampoo we have ever made.” -Managing Director

Valet Pro Poseidon Car Wash 500ml