DescriptionPH NEUTRALREADY TO USESAFE ON ALL SURFACESREMOVE BUG SPLATS WITH EASE FROM WINDSCREENS, GRILLS AND PAINTWORKBug Remover is a simple and effect bug splat remover. From windscreens to bumpers, simply spray on and jet wash off. If you don’t have a jet wash Bug Remover can be used to pre spray bug splats prior to shampooing. This softens the bug splats making them easy to wash off with a sponge.Directions:1. Spray the affected areas.2. Leave to dwell but not dry out.3. Rinse off with a pressure washer or begin the wash process.Gregs thoughts:” ValetPRO is known for making great pH neutral cleaners, and our ready to use Bug Remover is no exception. Perfectly balanced and very effective it’s another product I am very proud of and one that makes maintaining a vehicle’s clean appearance so much easier.” -Managing Director

Valet Pro Bug Remover