DescriptionThe Scratch Clear Evolution is a refresh of the old Scratch Clear wax with new formulation. This wax contains the heaviest filler among all Soft99 wax/ sealant series, it is design to fill minor swirls to make paintwork looking good and have more clarity in reflection.To get the best results please choose the closest colour accordingly.What comes in the box? – Retail packaging – Microfibre cloth inclueded Instructions1. Remove any dirt on the car bodywork with car shampoo, 2. Dry your car with microfibre drying towel 3. 4 fold the Mf cloth included and do not apply too much product to the cloth 4. Work accordingly by buffing off on a clean side of the clothwhile working keep changing side of the cloth if you find too much product on it.

Soft99 Scratch Clear Evolution Dark 200g