Shiny Garage Strawberry 500ml Shampoo.Shiny Garage shampoo produces a very dense foam and has excellent cleaning properties & lubricity.How to use: 1. Fill two buckets with water. 2. Add 4 caps of product to 8 to 10 Litres of warm water in one bucket. 3. Stir product well in bucket to create a foam. 4. Rinse vehicle or use a Snow Foam before Washing. 5. Begin washing the vehicle from top to bottom using a lambswool wash mitt. 6. Always rise the mitt in the clean water before dipping into the shampoo solution. 7. Rinse the vehicle with clean water.AM Plates are a genuine supplier so you can be assured the products we sell are genuine products direct from source and not tampered with or watered down like a lot of products found on eBay. Please note however the best before date has expired on this product. It is not a use by date, so shouldn't have any affect on the quality of the product.

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