Shiny Garage Sleek & Bubbly Premium Car Bath produces a very dense foam and has excellent cleaning properties & lubricity. Sleek & Bubbly has a strong exotic fragrance, and extra rich foam. It’s very effective and provides an extra glide. This shampoo will not remove waxes & is pH neutral.


How to use:

1. Fill two buckets with water.
2. Add 40ml of product to 8 to 10 Litres of water in one bucket.
3. Stir product well in bucket to create a foam.
4. Rinse vehicle or use a Snow Foam before Washing.
5. Begin washing the vehicle from top to bottom using a lambswool wash mitt.
6. Always rise the mitt in the clean water before dipping into the shampoo solution.
7. Rinse the vehicle with clean water.

Shiny Garage Sleek Premium Shampoo PH Neutral 500ml