Shiny Garage Jet-Black Exterior Trim Restorer is a high quality exterior plastic dressing, refreshes exterior trim restoring a rich black colour, and a satin finish. Restores the original colour of plastic components & protects them from the effects of UV rays and excessive soiling. Extremely efficient, a little goes a long way. Nourishes the outside plastic trim and protects against fading. Very easy to work with, with its creamy texture it just spreads along the trim & smells pleasantly fruity.


How to use:

1. Clean plastic trim with an APC.
2. Apply a small amount of gel onto a foam or microfibre applicator.
3. Spread a thin coat across the trim surface.
4. One light application of gel delivers a natural look to trim.
5. For less gloss, wipe down the gel with a clean microfibre towel.
6. Leave it to dry, removing any excess product using a microfiber.

Shiny Garage Jet Black Trim Restorer 500ml

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