Shiny Garage Interior Quick Detailer is our most advanced care product for all elements of plastic, vinyl or rubber inside your car. The product has delicate cleaning properties and can therefore be used for lightly soiled items, giving a satin, antistatic finish. This is the fastest and most effective way to nourish and protect plastic components from damage and fading thanks to UV filters. Has an extremely pleasant smell of vanilla ice cream, as well as enhancing your work and leaving the interior with a pleasant aroma.

How to use:
1. Shake bottle well and spray onto a microfibre cloth or applicator pad.
2. Wipe the chosen surface using the pad or microfiber with the product.
3. Remove the rest of the product using a clean and dry microfiber.
4. For tougher stains, use shiny garage interior cleaner prior to application.

Shiny Garage Interior Quick Detailer 500ml