Drop Off is a hydrophobic protective coating for protecting car windows. The unique formula ensures effect from 50 km / h when applying two layers.
The product is maintained on the windscreen for up to 6 months, on side windows up to 12 months when applying two layers.


How to use:


– prepare the surface of Glass Polish Pro,
– wash the Scan Inspection Spray,
– moisten the microfiber applicator,
– spread the product on the glass and let it dry for 3-8 minutes,
– polish the Blue Work Cloth and polish the Red Finisher,
– after 1 hour apply the second coat,
– after 6 hours of application, the surface may come in contact with water.

Capacity 150ml
Efficiency approx. 5-8 ml for the windshield.

Shiny Garage Drop Off Glass Sealant Protective Coating 150ml

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