A product that removes metallic impurities. It easily removes rusted particles of metal and metal from painted surfaces, glass, rubber and chromium. Ideal for initial cleaning of paint or wheel rims. There is a reaction in the product that causes the product to bleed. We are not afraid to say that this is one of the best car cleaning products of this type on the market. The application of the new raw material technology ensures easy application, instant action on impurities and high viscosity. This means that the product stays on the surface for a long time, does not drain from it, so it penetrates the dirt for longer and effectively removes it. Suitable ingredients penetrate and helilize dirt so that the formulation penetrates the surface faster so that it reaches the metal dirt faster. This enables faster reaction of the product and hence the shorter time needed to remove metallic impurities.


WARNING! The product can not be used on a heated surface, used in the shade. For items such as glass, plastic, rubber, chrome or aluminum, check in an invisible place by using. Use in well ventilated areas, use protective gloves

Shiny Garage D-Tox Iron & Fallout Remover 5L

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