DescriptionSPEED DETAILER SPRAY WAX 1 LITREPower Maxed Quick Detailer is a gloss enhancing multi-purpose speed detailing spray. Our Quick Detailer is a totally unique formula which represents hydrophobic technology which repels waters and withstands multiple car washes giving you additional protection to your paintwork.Power Maxed Quick Detailer will safely remove light dirt, unsightly fingerprints, water spots, bird droppings and even tree sap without having to wash your car without streaks. It will also reduce bugs and debris from sticking to your surfaces, It is even safe for use on your windows! Try it! Safe on all exterior surfaces, use this product between washes and waxes and enhance your paint protection. Long lasting protection and water beading action.Also try it on your Motorcycle, Bicycle, RV & Boat, don’t forget to clean your helmet with it to!FEATURES & BENEFITS OF POWER MAXED QUICK DETAILER:Ultra Quick Application & RemovalMaximise & Extend the life of Waxes, Sealants & GlazesUse Everyday to remove Fingerprints, Dust & Water Spots.Can be used in Cold or Hot WeatherSuitable for use on all vehicles, including motorcycles, bicycles & boatsProtects paintwork from harmful UV raysEasy on Easy Off ApplicationAdvanced Totally Unique Formula

Power Maxed Quick Detailer Speed Detailer Spray Wax 1 Litre