POWER MAXED INTERIOR DRESSING is formulated to restore and enhance all interior plastic, rubber, dashboard and vinyl surfaces, leaving a subtle fresh fragrance. It leaves a beautiful matte finish with a very low gloss and a non-sticky or non-greasy feel to the touch.BENEFITS:Developed To Be The BestAbsorbs Quickly, Finishes Dry To The TouchRestores Surface to a “New Look” FinishMoney Back GuaranteeBottle Size: 500mlHOW TO USEUse as supplied. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Simply spray evenly onto the surface from a distance of 15cm. Leave to penetrate for 30 seconds, then buff off with a clean microfibre cloth.DO NOT APPLY ONTO GLASS, STEERING WHEEL OR CONTROL PEDALS. WASH AND RINSE HANDS THOROUGHLY AFTER USE. (ALWAYS TEST ON AN INCONSPICUOUS AREA FOR PRODUCT COMPATIBILITY BEFORE USE.) Do not splash into eyes. Avoid extremes of temperature. Keep out of direct sunlight. Keep containers sealed until required.

Power Maxed Interior Dressing 500ml