Pair of customised plates with your business logo on. These are fantastic for car detailers and dealerships for promoting your business in a professional way whilst also protecting your customers registration number.


Please note that you must have a high quality logo file already designed and available to email to us after checkout. We do not design logo's for you, and may not be able to work with some low resolution poor quality images. If you have any doubts, or would like to confirm with us the suitability of what you have before purchase, please feel free to do so. If you are going for a black background it's worth noting that acrylic plates sometimes have slight imperfections in the glue. These are normally minimal if any and dont show up on a normal white plate. On a black background these can sometimes show up as small marks, but only really visible on close inspection and wouldn't be seen in a photo etc. We cannot also guarantee an exact colour match to your logo. Some colours/shades will appear differently when made.


Please ensure you email your images to as soon as possible after purchase.

Pair Of Customised Business Show Plates