Removing dirt from wheels is an essential part of the weekly maintenance wash to ensure the surface of the wheel remains perfectly unblemished. Baked on iron particles, the principle component of brake dust, can be particularly damaging if left in place.
ReactiveWheelCleaner is a powerful yet pH-balanced wheel cleaner which disperses and dissolves stubborn dirt. It contains a specific reagent which changes colour on contact with iron particles, causes their surface area to contract and breaking the bond formed between the particle and the wheel.
Features & Benefits:

Acid-free formulation, safe for all wheel types

Performance indicator highlights harmful iron contamination

Works quickly on stubborn, baked on dirt

Contains gloss additives to leave wheels sparkling & clean

Directions for Use:

Ensure rims are cool to the touch

Spray product directly on to the surface of the wheel

Allow product to dwell for up to 3 minutes

Stubborn areas may require agitation with a wheel brush

For heavily soiled rims dwell time can be extended up to 10 minutes

Rinse thoroughly with cool, clean water

Technical Specification:

pH: 7.5

Koch-chemie Reactive Wheel Cleaner 750ml