Cleans & Protects Exterior Plastics

External black plastic trim often loses its colour over time. Prolonged exposure to acid rain, wash chemicals and UV rays all contribute to turn plastics a milky grey colour.
NanoMagicPlastCare is designed to rejuvenate plastic trim, restoring the colour and protecting from further damage.
Features & Benefits:

Restores faded plastic trim to ‘as new’

Protects from damaging UV rays, chemical & industrial fallout

Forms a highly durable chemical bond with plastic

Does not wash off during rain or weekly maintenance wash

Easy to apply

Directions for Use:

Ensure area to be treated is clean, dry & cool to the touch

Spray product on to a clean foam applicator pad

Spread evenly on to the surface

Allow to dry completely

Re-apply where necessary

Koch-chemie Nano Magic Plastic Care 500ml