FORD Acrylic Cut Ranger Grille Style Letters


Here we have FORD Ranger style grille letters cut from 3mm quality acrylic measuring approximately 75mm high and 187mm wide.


They are cut from quality Perspex acrylic (where possible. Suppliers are sometimes sending alternatives at the moment due to a worldwide shortage of plastic) that's guaranteed to last for 10 years in normal car applications. (Please note this could be less depending on car cleaning products used and how you clean them).


These can also be made in different colours and sizes. Please contact us if you would like them in a different size.


They do not have any backing tape on them as you would probably need to specially fabricate a grille if you were going to use them for that anyway.


Please note, these are not genuine Ford products, and are created to give a different individual look to your pride and joy. They are also cut from solid flat acrylic sheet. Therefore if you try to attach them to a curved surface, they will not bend to the curve.

"FORD" Raptor Style Acrylic Cut Grille Letters

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