Tyre Conditioner, Tyre Dressing & Car Rubber Seals MaintenanceGel-style protectantSatin gloss finishDetergent resistantNon-sling The difference between driving a clean vehicle and a showroom fresh one is all in the details. Britemax Rubber Max takes care of an often overlooked aspect of the typical car cleaning routine – tyres. Keeping tyre sidewalls shining is an important trick of the automotive trade, it lifts a car's overall visual impact and helps it radiate a sense of good health. Rubber Max is an easy to use gel-style conditioner for rubber and plastics which penetrates the surface of a tyre and leaves surfaces with a 'like new' satin gloss finish.Tyre dressing sprays typically attract dust and, over a short period of time, turn tyre sidewalls brown on account of being heavily silicone-based, water-based Rubber Max is different. Resistant to detergent and water, Rubber Max penetrates the rubber and plastic surfaces it comes into contact with to leave them refreshed for long periods of time. Even dried or discoloured surfaces can be quickly and effortlessly restored using Rubber Max thanks to its high hiding characteristics, masking minor surface imperfections and slight differences in rubber textures. The penetrating characteristics of Rubber Max also ensure that it does not promote 'tyre sling' – the problem of a rotating wheel throwing tyre dressing from the wheel onto the car's exterior following application. Tyre sling can be especially frustrating for those who have just completed an intensive and time consuming detailing process.In addition to Rubber Max acting as a tyre conditioner it can also be used to effectively maintain and restore rubber seals, this is particularly important when it comes to car window rubber seals. Keeping window rubbers treated with Rubber Max prevents them from becoming discoloured, dry and brittle which can lead to failures, inviting unwanted moisture into your vehicle. Treated rubber seals are also less likely to stick during icy winter periods, this is especially critical for cars with frameless windows – to assist with passenger entry typically these cars drop their window glass slightly when unlocking is instructed. A frameless car window which is frozen to a rubber seal on a vehicle can result in the failure of the window regulator – these commonly break as they struggle to move stuck door glass. Replacement window regulators are often expensive and fitting labour intensive.

Britemax Rubber Max Tyre Conditioner And Dressing 473ml