Description−All-Purpose Cleaner & DegreaserRemoves brake dustRemoves engine greaseLifts embedded dirtBrightens white and black surfacesCleans bugs, tar and road saltEffective on rubber and plasticCleans upholstery, carpet and soft top fabrics Where traditional car cleaning products fail, Britemax Grime Out Cleaner & Degreaser succeeds in removing embedded dirt and grease inside or out. Grime Out all-purpose cleaner (APC) has a multitude of uses and is effective on a range of surfaces and materials, making it an important addition to your car cleaning arsenal. An engine degreaser as well as a car wheel and tyre cleaner, on the one hand, a tar remover and fabric soft-top cleaner on the other, Grime Out shifts stubborn stains and residue wherever they might reside while remaining fully biodegradable and containing no harmful acids or solvents.Britemax Grime Out can be sprayed directly onto the dirty area in question, or it can be diluted and added to a pre-wash bucket and sponge routine – just like a car shampoo. On vehicle, exteriors Grime Out acts as a degreaser and brake dust remover while also having the ability to refresh any rubbers and plastics. Quickly dissolving baked-on brake matter, engine grease, removing bugs, road tar and salt, dirt embedded in rubber, and even shifting water spots on glass, Grime Out should be your default choice for any unsightly marks that cannot be shifted with elbow grease alone. Grime Out even turns tyre sidewalls jet black, white walls with raised lettering bright white, and lends a helping hand when it comes to tackling the inside of very grubby wheel arches.  On top of Grime Out's range of uses on vehicle exteriors, it can also be used to clean interiors too – it makes light work of cleaning car upholstery and carpet, removing stains and watermarks effectively. Grime Out is excellent at removing built-in grime and scuffs on sill plates and plastic interior panels; it also removes wax residue from rubbers and plastics making it the perfect product for use in advance of Britemax Rubber Max. Cleaning your engine bay can prove an arduous task, Grime Out's easy-to-use trigger activated degreaser spray changes that for the better, wiping years off the look of your car's engine bay with little effort. It is also the perfect choice for cleaning reusable foam polishing pads following machine use. An excellent wash additive for extremely dirty vehicles, Grime Out, can even be used to clean your BBQ this summer!

Britemax Grime Out Wheel Cleaner And Engine Degreaser 709ml