Auto Finesse Rag Top Cleaner is a deep cleansing shampoo specifically developed to ease the difficult process of renovating and reviving convertible hoods.


With exterior fabrics particularly susceptible to moisture absorption, retention of grime and the impregnation of organic material, Ragtop Cleaner fills the troublesome void between a harsh chemical cleaner that risks damaging delicate fibres, and a solution that won’t be effective in actively breaking down and lifting the hardiest contaminants. All in one easy-to-use package.     


On agitation Rag Top Cleaner quickly foams up to create a powerful solution that penetrates deep into fabrics to chemically erode the hardiest grime and environmental fallout without abrading the fibres within.  


Effective for removal of dirt along with deep-rooted organic contaminants - including mould and moss - simply spritz liberally across the surface, work in with an Upholstery Brush or Scrubi Spot Pad and rinse.  


After cleaning we’d always recommend protecting your roof from further contamination with our Rag Top Protector.  

Auto Finesse Rag Top Hood Cleaner 500ml